December 10, 2016
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OH Home Improvement I Moderate bias in favor of the contractor.

Free Contracts:
Bias: Moderate bias in favor of the contractor.
Best For: A kitchen or bath remodeling project.

This Contract Assumes the Following
  • Plans and specifications were prepared by the contractor.
  • Work will start when contingencies are met and must be completed in a set number of days.
  • Contractor has to carry only the insurance required by law.
  • The contract is void if not signed by a set date.

Payment Terms Checked [X] Are Selected in This Contract
[X] Fixed price contract
[  ] Includes an alternate bid
[X] Down payment is required
[  ] Retainage will be withheld
[  ] Cost plus contract
[X] Includes a contract allowance
[  ] Financed by a lender
[  ] Liquidated damages for delay
[X] Progress payments by job phase
[  ] Includes a price per unit of work
[  ] Financed by the contractor
[  ] Progress payments on a schedule

Topics Checked [X] Are Covered In This Contract
[X] Cover Page
[X] Build My Interview
[X] Details about Plans and Contract Documents
[X] Scope of the Work
[  ] Design Submittals and Record Documents
[  ] Site Safety, Protection and Emergencies
[  ] Hazardous Materials
[  ] Survey and Layout
[X] Permits, Fees and Taxes
[  ] Utilities, Cleanup, Job Sign
[  ] Superintendent, Architect and Engineer
[  ] Subcontracts and Subcontractors
[  ] Use of the Site and Adjacent Property
[X] Responsibility for Surprises in the Job
[X] Payment Terms
[X] Liens and Waivers
[X] Handling Changes in the Work
[X] Warranties, Defective Work and Call Backs
[X] Handling Claims and Resolving Disputes
[X] Insurance Coverage
[  ] Liability for Damage, Indemnity and Bonds
[X] Contract Boilerplate
[  ] Inspections and Testing
[  ] The Work Schedule, Extensions, Delay Claims
[  ] Suspension and Termination of the Job
[  ] Completion
[X] Signatures and Disclosures

Important Notes On This Contract
  • Includes the right to cancel required by Ohio's Home Solicitation Sales Act, § 1345.21.
  • Includes the notice required by Ohio's Right to Repair Act, § 1312.01 to § 1312.08.
  • Requires that disputes be settled under the AAA's Construction Industry Arbitration Rules.
  • Includes a down payment and a final payment.
  • Contractor must submit lien waivers with each request for payment.
  • Changes require mutual agreement. The price will be based on cost to the contractor.
  • Provides a 180-day limited warranty on cabinets, flooring, electrical work and plumbing.
  • Includes the right of rescission under 12 Code of Federal Regulation § 226.15.
  • Includes the insulation disclosure required by 16 Code of Federal Regulation § 460.
To Adapt This Contract To Your Project
PDF Format (Adobe) – Print the contract and fill in the blank lines.
RTF Format (WordPad) – Make any changes needed. Fill in the blank lines. Print the contract.
CCF Format (Construction Contract Writer) -- Enter your response to each interview question. Change, delete or add anything you want. Print the contract or convert to PDF or RTF for delivery as an email attachment.